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The tilted curves of the 10mm thick mild steel
The 4.5m long steel plough sculptures
The blade sculptures rise from the terraces of the Amphitheatre
Oak Plough Bench: other sitting positions available.
Oak Plough Benches soon after installation
Oak Plough Blades
Made from local wind-blown oak , these informal benches lead to the Amphitheatre. They are inspired by the shape of tool handles and ancient ploughs displayed in St Fagan’s Museum, and yet retain a feeling of growth.
Double door handles
A suite of 24 handles, all carved from local oak
Custom handle with standard lock fittings
Stainless steel spacers create comfortable grip depth
Door Handles
Bones and the worn handles of tools inspired these functional elements of the centre. Like tools, they will acquire their own patina from use.
Steel Plough Blades
Poised as if scooping the earth from the Amphitheatre, the welded seams of these large steel sculptures echo the hedgerows and field patterns created by ploughing.