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Drover's Road with animal footprints. Photo Betina Skovbro
Text wrapping around the forms
Slate Slab Gateway
The sculptures animate the space and create interest throughout the year
Ox Shoe Gateway
Detail of Ox Shoe Gateway
Community outreach underpinned the success of the project
Making animal footprints for the Drover's Road
Involving local schools creates a sense of ownership and develops new skills
Gateways define routes and create focal points in the circular site-boundary. The slate gateway is based on traditional cattle squeeze-gates. Only by passing through the narrow gap can the visitor read the  inscription “If March comes in like a lamb it goes out like a lion”
The site is adjacent to an old Drover’s road, along which animals were once walked to markets as far away as London. The Ox- Shoe Gateway makes playful reference to the metal shoes fitted to the cattle. It frames the pathway of over a thousand bricks created by local school children, each brick a highly individual interpretation of animal footprints.