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‘Môn Mam Cymru’ – the breadbasket of Wales - grain shaped sculptures at Tyddyn Mon Farm, Anglesey, 2003.
The grain-shaped sculptures at Tyddyn Mon Farm on Anglesey create a viewpoint across the island.
Bricks by local school children built into the walls
Wednesfield Way pocket park for Wolverhampton City Council 2000 – referencing the canal architecture of the West Midlands
Wolverhampton school children engrossed in brick carving
‘Old Cut, New Rise’ Wednesfield, Wolverhampton – seating inspired by canal lock gates, rising to giant mooring bollards
Sculptures in handmade brick.
Carving the soft clay of unfired bricks allows Howard Bowcott to create individual forms within the format of a uniform material. After firing the bricks are reassembled in a mortar matrix, Bowcott raising the courses in an echo of his stacked sculptures, each brick and gesture building to the whole. The processes of handling, shaping and building become fixed in the resulting work.

This technique also lends itself to the involvement of the local community, creating their own bricks as elements of the artwork.